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Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

Expat insights

Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

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The lowdown on relocation allowance taxation in South Africa

Relocating for work purposes can be challenging and stressful, both from a logistical and cost perspective. In the past, the ...
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Financial Emigration before 2021 does not mean you have ceased SARS tax residency

If you have financially emigrated before 2021 it does not mean that you have ceased your tax residency with SARS ...
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The ins and outs about Simba Chips and their flavours!

Gone are the days when chips flavours were stock-standard salt and vinegar, or cheese and onion. Nowadays, you can get ...
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Relocating to Portugal? You might be able to claim tax back

Portugal is currently a popular migration destination due to its ranking as the fourth most peaceful country in the world, ...
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A Sweetie Pie recipe to make at home

Think of the most melt-in-your-mouth South African treat that evokes hmm-hmm-hmm every single time. Think of whipped crème (or vanilla ...
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Cape Malay cabbage bredie recipe

If ever there was a South African dish to remind us of our childhoods, cabbage bredie has to take first ...
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Countries that pay you to move there

Have you been dreaming of living abroad or relocating from your current country but are worried about how you will ...
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South African unit trusts: do you pay capital gains tax on unit trusts?

According to the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) at the end of 2021, the total net asset ...
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Tax warning for South Africans looking to emigrate: What you need to know

Leaving South Africa doesn't necessarily mean escaping the South African Revenue Service (SARS) tax system. As a nation, we are ...
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Moving abroad? Here’s what you need to know about how to update your SARS details

Once you’ve left South Africa permanently and relocated abroad, you have a duty to inform the South African Revenue Service ...
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Protect your foreign income from SARS with these two documents

If you’re a South African who has relocated abroad for work, it’s important for you to be informed on the ...
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Stryve Biltong

If you’re looking for a high-protein snack that fits the ideals of sports nutrition and gives you an authentic taste ...
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Requirements-for-uk visa-from-South-Africa

Brexit has laid out the welcome mat for South Africans looking to work in the UK

The UK's immigration requirements have experienced radical reforms since Brexit, making it easier for South Africans to live, work and ...
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Don’t overlook share endorsement: vital requirement for non-resident shareholders in South Africa

If you hold shares in a South African company and you plan to relocate abroad and ultimately change your tax ...
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Delicious oxtail potjie dumplings

Oxtail is exquisite for potjie! Oxtail potjie layered with the right ingredients guarantees tender, fall-off-the-bone perfection that allows you to ...
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New rules for cashing out South African retirement savings: understanding the tax implications

Numerous updates to the rules around retirement plans in South Africa have been implemented by the National Treasury and the ...
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Worker’s Day in South Africa

The road to achieving the rights many workers enjoy today has never been easy. Trade Unions played a vital role ...
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Craving fish cakes? Here is a delicious Lucky Star pilchard recipe from South Africa

Lucky Star isn’t just another tinned food brand in a sea of products on the African continent. Oh no, they’re ...
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Engineering students: what are your options for migrating to Australia?

Attention South African engineering students! If you’re considering your future prospects after you graduate, you might want to broaden your ...
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Statement of assets and liabilities for individuals in South Africa: what is it and why would I need it?

There is a lot of supporting documentation required by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) when undertaking the process of ...
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A delicious South African 3 bean salad recipe

If there's one thing besides biltong and braais, Saffa's love, it's a lekker three bean salad recipe. How else are ...
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